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Moving with my blog

My dear readers,

some time ago I decided to move my German blog to another host. I read too often, that on my old host the readers had much problems to achieve my blog, to comment, etc. But I decided also to stay with the English version here.

Last Sunday I received an inspiration to re-name my German blog. According to the new title there I searched for an English impression, created a new header... and had to found out, that it was absolutly impossible to change anything about my Layout here.

So I decided to make another cut and to move with this blog, too.

I just put my Algarve report and the entries from the last weekend to the new blog - and I must admit, that I'm impressed, how comfortable it is now, to post in two languages.

I hope, you are so kind to follow me to my new English home. In the next days I will tell you there a bit more about the new title. I think it is a nice story.

Here is the new blog: Biancas Caboodle Pouch
I'm looking forward to see you there!
9.12.08 18:13

Ok, ok...

I cheated. On the haul-photo of the last post one ball is missing. From the sock yarn on the christmas fair I didn't bought only a lilac-one (it is a Merino-Ramie-Silk-Mixture), but also a brown one. In fact it should had been on the haul-photo. But then the weather was too bad for taking photos (today it was better) and I was sooooooooo curious, how the knitting will be.As well as I will visit the market again tomorrow, among others together with the dear Gesche and I wanted to know, if I should buy reinforcements. There are two or three more colours. Anyway I casted on the brown ball with the new dpns:

Last weekend was a mittens-weekend. On our last London-visit I bought at Liberty three balls of Rowan Tapestry. From this yarn I knitted changed 'Fetching' for my three colleagues for St. Nicholas / Christmas. Beautiful colours and so soft. Thereto will be three sheep-soaps from the christmas fair and a beautiful card. St. Nicholas will put it on their desks on Monday morning.

On Thursday a strange structure admired in the living room...

Was there not something like 'No Kids, no pets'???

The solution is easy... as we planned to visit today our friends in Pinneberg and I wanted to give Berit her birthday present, I had to block 'Chrysopolis'.

Heavens, Lace is really fascinating... such a fine yarn and not so much stitches. But although I tried not to block too strong, the piece became enormous.

Unfortunalty we had to postpone the visit for a week. I only hope, the next weekend the weather will not upset our plans. It's so sad, I really looked forward to this visit today

Yesterday I could pick up a little parcel at the post office. The content: A treasure chest from the dragon cave. I choosed the scarf-variation and my chest is so beautiful:

I wish you now a nice rest-St. Nicholas and a nice Sunday!
6.12.08 20:50

Last weekend...

on Saturday our appartment was decorated for Christmas. We never have so much, but a bit is every year neccessary.

So there is a bunch of fir in the kitchen, which I received from my mum and decorated a bit, in the living room we have the advent-plate on the table and a Christmas-tealight on a little board and in the bedroom two lightbows welcome us.

On Sunday we went spontaneously with the camera to Bremen to visit there the christmas fair and the Schlachte-Charm. Again it was so wonderful, I really love it! From the christmas fair we made many pictures, at the Schlachte not so much (the last two ones). The Schlachte-Charm takes its best effect in the evening, what makes it difficult to take photos. Maybe I'll ask tomorrow, if I'm allowed to take some photos from the stands, we will see...

Of course I shopped a bit in Bremen. On the christmas fair is a little yarn-stand, which sells spunned yarn, Aranknitting, Soap of sheep milk, KnitPicks Harmony Woods-Nadeln and Sockyarn. There I bought three soaps, a set of dpn's and sock yarn, which is on the photo below.

In the Middle Ages-alley on the Schlachte-Charm I bought a bookmark for a dear acquaintance and on another stand a herb tea and orange-pepper. And a bit onward (but now in present times) three balls of sock yarn: two Opal Rainforest and a Mondial.

6.12.08 20:49

Algarve Impressions Day 9 and 10

Our last day at the Algarve was again quiet. We went the last time to the westcoast. A bit of beach, a bit of nice streets, a bit gambling with the camera in the garden in front of our housing.

And packing the bags, something, that can have something depressing on vacation.

On our leaving day we had to get up early. The flight left in the morning and we had to go back to Faro. In the early afternoon we were back at home.

6.12.08 17:32

Algarve-Impressions Day 8

Oh dear, I still owe you two and a half days... so I'll post them soon before showing you the pictures from the Bremen Christmas market.

On the eight day of hour trip we had once again a real highlight: We went to Lagos, to make there once again a little trip along the beautiful coast in a fishermens boat. It was not our first time but it is allways a pleasure.

Later it became more cloudy. Anyway we made a walk to the lagune and made some nice photos.

6.12.08 17:32

Grey Saturday

Today is a bad day for making photos, it is cold, it rains an the heaven shows a dusky grey. So I can't show you any project photos but I have some from the past two weeks which you also may like.

For example it was snowing last Friday. It started in the evening and the world outside the living room window looked magical. The following pictures were made on Saturday:

But soon the white panoply became grey dirty slush. Though on Sunday there was enough snow to allow the children of Worpswede some nice hours of tobogganing. We went there to visit an arts and craft exhibition, make a walk and stroll through the little town:

I also bought something on that exhibition: Two strands absolut beautiful soft handspun silk. I will knit a small shawl from it for myself:

'Amethyst' grew very well in between, although it is resting at the moment because of the Christmas-projects. And so I have a pair of socks on my needles, made of finest Merino-Yarn from Handgefaerbt. As well I nearly finished a pair of 'Fetching' mittens on Thursday while watching 'The Fellowship of the Ring' on TV and started yesterday on a trip to Hamburg another pair. These Fetching-Mittens will become the this-year Christmas presents for my three colleagues.

Hamburg yesterday was again a lot of fun. Dear friends, the beautiful decorated city center and a nice meal, what do you need more?

Apropos decorated city center: Of course Bremen ist again a dream! On Thurday I made a short stroll, to take a look and to search for my favourite stands. So I can report, that there are for example again two stand with yarn: One at the Schlachte (close to the mediaeval alley) with sock yarn from Regia, Schoeller & Stahl, Hot Socks and Mondial. And then handspun yarn in different colours and other nice things around sheeps and yarn in antoher small stand on the Christmas Market close to the Bremen Town Musicians. And I also found my favourite jewellery stand at it's palce. I just don't know if I'm able to find something to buy there... I bought so many things during the year that it's ard to find something new in between.

In my opinion it's worth to visit it. Until know I have two dates with dear friends to attend them to both markets and trough the town. But of course I will go once again with Arne and bring you then some photos, I promise.
29.11.08 14:00

In fast motion...

as this it seems to me a bit at the moment. I just looked forward to Friday afternoon and the start of the weekend, now it is Sunday and tomorrow at half past five the alarm clock will pitiless claim to get up:

Unfortunatly I'm a bit sagging at the moment... but knitting works and so I can report the finalization of a Christmas present.


Bonbon I
'Baby Cable Rib' from Charlene Schurch 'Sensational knitted socks'
Opal 'Blues' 6ply

are the snuggle socks in the 'Creative Package' for my Mum.

Apropos snuggle socks: The both Cornwalls and the autumn flowers finally arived at their receipient in London. She was absolutly thrilled and it was a lot of fun to read that.

L'Aubergine didn't grow on the other hand. And for a little while I needed the needles for another project. I really wanted to knit something for myself and so I startet on Friday Saturday (from new) 'Amethyst' after a pattern from Drops, a sleeveless pullover in a form, which is very popular at the moment and which I like very much. I choosed the yarn 'Bel Air' from the ggh:

And yesterday I also opend the this year handicraft shop floor. It's time now, last year for this time I was finished!

I wish you all a good start into the new week!
16.11.08 13:40

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